“HOW DO YOU WANT NOTHING, OR HOW DO YOU WANT TOO MUCH? THE PROHIBITED WORD – REGULATION. Discussion with Adam Gebrian and his guests, Desfour Palace, within 4+4 DAYS IN MOTION – 20th International Festival of Contemporary Art, Prague. 

4+4 days in motion invite you to a moderated discussion on Saturday, October 10 at 6 pm, the subject of which will be development and its regulation. The different role of private and public investors. Creating conditions, boundaries, in which the development of the city is to take place. Guests will try to find answers to questions such as: How should the public sector determine conditions that apply to the private one? What is or should be the role of city officials in relation to the built environment? Only regulatory, regulative, or even proactive, i.e. creating a standard for others? How does they see his own role in these processes?

Three architects and politicians will discuss: prof. Miroslav Šik, who has been working at ETH in Zürich for a long time, Michal Kuzemenský from re:architekti studio, who is the head of a architectural atelier at the Faculty of Architecture – Czech Technical University in Prague, Jaroslav Zima – partner of (the) architectural firm D3A, Matěj Stropnický – Prague representative for Trojkoalice, member of the Green Party board, deputy mayor for territorial development.“XS