About the betrayal of memory, the magic of immemory and the not-last things of man “… NEAR-DEATH!” International Festival of Film, Theater, Literature, Music and Fine Arts with the topic of Alzheimer’s disease 21.-24. September 2015

“Experts talk about the topic of betrayal of the memory, the magic of immemory and the not-last things of man: STATUS REPORT – Martina Mátlová, Czech Alzheimer’s Society; RETURN TO MEMORY – Michala Kolářová, National Institute of Mental Health; MEMORIES TRACKERS – Karel Ježek, Laboratory of Experimental Neurophysiology – Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Pilsen; TAKING INTO ACCOUNT – Jarka Švarcbachová, Therapeutic Center and Day Hospital Seňorina; SITTING TO THE TABLE – Dana Hradcová, Bon appetit program; KÁJA, CALL ME – Alena Krásná, Elpida Center – Seniors’ Line; HOW NOT TO GET LOST IN THE HOUSE – Irena Šestáková, Faculty of Architecture ČVUT; LIVING WITH ALZHEIMER – Ondřej Synek, David Pavlišta and Michal Kuzemenský, re:architekti; THE GODMOTHER DEATH AND BUSINESS PASSENGERS – Ondřej Nezbeda and Jakub Hein, Hospice at Home Cesta domů.

LIVING WITH ALZHEIMER. Cross-section of student works, foreign examples and current designs of the studio re:architekti dealing with the topic of old age and memory loss. ONDŘEJ SYNEK, architect, graduate of the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, assistant in the school atelier Kuzemenský & Synek. DAVID PAVLIŠTA, architect, graduate of the Faculty of Arts and Architecture in Liberec. He completed his architectural practice with prof. Martin Rajniš. MICHAL KUZEMENSKÝ, architect, graduate of the Czech Technical University in Prague, head of the Kuzemenský & Synek atelier at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University. re:architekti is an architectural studio that deals with the themes of appropriateness and adequacy in architecture. Last year, the studio was awarded in two architectural competitions for the design of housing for the elderly and the Alzheimer’s Center. “