Michal Kuzemenský is nominated for the Architect of the Year 2016 award. Jury’s reasoning (Josef Pleskot, Adam Gebrian, Antonín Novák, Regina Loukotová, Osamu Okamura) for the nomination:

“In the last five years, together with Ondřej Synek, he has been devoted to his work as the head of an architectural atelier at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague, and  the results of their students speak for themselves. Many awards in various student competitions are just an accompanying phenomenon of the exemplary work they do at the faculty. Among other things, they consistently post all their activities connected to their atelier teaching on their own blog, where you can see the course of activities within their atelier – from assignments through consultations to results. Everything is complemented by articles with more general reflection.

In addition, five years ago he founded a successful architectural firm re:architekti with a generation younger colleagues, which focuses on a whole range of projects. Their systematic work for the municipality of Úsilné was selected by the jury as a short nomination for the Architekt obci 2016 award (Architect to the municipality 2016) thanks to their long-term cooperation between architects and local government, which is beneficial and important especially for the quality of life and the cultural development of the residents and our society.“

Other nominees: Marcela Steinbachová, Zdeněk Sendler, Ivan Kroupa, Yvette Vašourková and Igor Kovačević

The Architect of the Year Award is given to a person or persons who have significantly contributed to architecture in the Czech Republic with their innovative approach in the past period of 5 years through specific creative or organizational actions in the field of house design, urban development and landscape design but also through theoretical, educational, promotional, publishing and popularization work. Part of the ceremonial announcement of the results will also be the Award of the Architect to the Municipality, of the Tandem Architect – municipality, which has significantly contributed to the development of public space.