About the dialogue in time with the authors of important buildings during their reconstruction with Martin Jančok (Plural) and Ondřej Synek (re:architekti).
The first lecture in the NORMA SPACE gallery from the Cooperation series will present a type of “between time” cooperation, in which the contemporary architect finds himself in an indirect dialogue with the author of the building he is reconstructing. The studio re:architekti recently participated in the project BUILDING UPON BUILDING, in which they solved the completion of the construction of the grammar school Gymnázium J. K. Tyla in Hradec Králové designed by Josef Gočár. Martin Jančok is engaged for long time in the restoration of the neological synagogue in Žilina designed by Petr Behrens.

How the confrontation with iconic architects manifests itself in the design process will be presented in lectures and developed in a moderated discussion with Vltava Radio host Jaroslava Haladová.